Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm Late! I'm Late!

I know.....

Mommyhood and Family have gotten in the way of blogging... GEESH!!

Packing 3 for camp, swim meets, day camp, birthday parties and coming home from a very special wonderful day :0) to find the house A MESS, and having 10 family members visiting in just a few short days  will do that to you.
Yes I said 10...
and we haven't had a discussion yet about where everyone is sleeping.... I'm avoiding it.
So is Mr B.

I want to sit down and tell you about my very special day "0".... but I just can't yet.  There's a pile in every room with my name on it.
BUT!  I don't want to wait any long to announce that
Kirsten Spicer is the winner of the give away!!!!!  
Congratulations  Kirsten!
PM me your address on Facebook and I'll get those goodies sent out ASAP

I'll Be BACK!!! in the meantime here is a picture taken on day "0"


  1. Yea!! How exciting to win something! Can't wait to hear about your special day! Enjoy your visitors!

  2. Hey! you have an awesome blog! Very creative writing!
    Erin @